Chicken Wraps

2013-02-27 12.17.08Ingredients

  • Grilled Chicken Breast (Seasoned with Todd’s Dirt)
  • blue cheese
  • avocado (sliced)
  • roma tomato (diced)
  • lettuce (shredded)
  • ranch dressing
  • flavored tortilla (tomato basil)
  • ground white pepper


  • 2013-02-27 12.16.12Season and grill the chicken breast.  Once complete, shred or dice the chicken.
  • Warm the tortilla on a flat top, grill or in the microwave – just enough to make it pliable
  • Lay the tortilla on a flat surface – start by placing a line of chicken in the center
  • Cover the chicken with a layer of blue cheese
  • Slice the avocado and place it on top (don’t be shy)
  • Add in diced tomato
  • Covered with shredded lettuce
  • Add ranch sauce (or your favorite sauce) to the top
  • Season with a little ground white pepper
  • Fold tortilla, cut in half and enjoy!

This is packed with flavor and easy to make.  To spice things up, considering adding pineapple or even teriyaki sauce (Suggested by Rochelle).  Enjoy!

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